Amanda Woomer is a paranormal investigator, researcher, world traveler, foodie, author and owner of the website Spook Eats. She first became interested in the paranormal when she visited the historic Gettysburg Civil War Memorial Park in 2004. She's been visiting haunted locations ever since and has been to dozens of haunted inns, taverns and restaurants here in the United States as well as in Europe.

  In 2018, she started as a way to document her paranormal investigations. But this isn't the only thing that Spook Eats is about. Combining her love for travel, food, and haunted places, Spook Eats is a unique website that chronicles her adventures into one, neat package. Trust me, there is no other website out there that is like it.

  Amanda has traveled all over the United States and parts of Europe, visiting many haunted inns and hotels. She also frequently dines at haunted restaurants and has even become quite the expert in investigating restaurants that are still open for business!

  She also always makes it a point to try the haunted establishments signature dish or alcoholic beverage, then she chronicles her investigation on her blog, always giving a "Spooky Rating" and a "Yummy Rating" to each place. Writing about her paranormal investigations, combined with her culinary investigations, makes for mouth-watering and scary reading, for sure.

  Not one to let grass grow under her feet, Amanda is also the author of 5 books: The Ghosts of the Ghostlight Theatre, A Haunted Atlas of Western New York, The Cryptid ABC Book, The Spirit Guide: America’s Haunted Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries, and Krampus's Great Big Book of Yuletide Monsters.​ All are available for purchase at

   She is currently seeking submissions for an "All-Female" paranormal journal until February 15. This is for anyone who identifies as female or non-binary. She is looking for paranormal investigators, historians, podcasters, researchers, witches, etc. to create an all female journal highlighting the work of women in the paranormal.

  This includes ghost stories, paranormal investigations, occult studies, cryptids, weird history, murder mysteries, witchcraft, and folklore.  Anything strange and unusual qualifies for submission. The first volume of the journal will be released on International Women's Day on March 8, 2021.

  Her hope is that it becomes a bi- annual publication to highlight the word of women in all things Paranormal. If you are interested in being considered, contact Amanda at

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