Eventually, the show became so popular that a local radio station came calling. Some time in 2005, (I can't remember the exact date), WRFN, a small radio station in Pasquo, TN that was a mix of news, talk and music, contacted me about adding ParaReality Radio to their lineup. Needless to say, I was very honored that a traditional radio station had taken interest in what I was doing. After some negotiating, WRFN agreed to air ParaReality Radio on the second and third Fridays of every month because I didn't want to give up what I was doing on Live365. However, this gave me the opportunity to have my show heard by a local audience and that was a very big deal.

  I wound up only keeping ParaReality Radio at WRFN for about 2 1/2 years because I started back to college and I was still maintaining my Live365 show. The stress of doing that and school proved to be too much and I eventually made the painful decision to leave WRFN.

  Of all the shows that I did there, only a few survive and that's what is included in this part of the archives. I only have 20 episodes to include here and one interview that I did on another WRFN show called Paranormal Nashville, which was hosted by Tony Pratt, who I eventually became good friends with. I hope that you enjoy these episodes as well.

  In 2004 I began my tenure on Live365, which was, at the time, the premier platform for online broadcasting. Live365 was geared more towards online radio stations and that's why I named my show ParaReality Radio. However, us individual broadcasters made a place for ourselves there, too. I began by airing a 2 hour live show the first and third Fridays of every month and before long, I was able to have enough episodes to run a steady rotation of my episodes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Before long, I gained a loyal following and had regular listeners of the show every time I went on the air. It was thanks to people like them that ParaReality Radio was able to quickly become the #1 ranked show in its genre on Live365, a position that it held for 5 consecutive years.

  As you might be able to guess, the show was actually terrible at first! I was still learning not only who I was as a broadcaster, but how to run the show and the equipment that I was using was pretty basic. That first year saw some painful growth spurts, but I quickly mastered the art of live broadcasting and before long, I added a segment to the show that I called News of the Strange.

  News of the Strange was a 30 minute news segment that encompassed the last half hour of every episode. I would include one or two paranormal news stories, followed by another one or two "strange" stories that usually involved someone behaving stupidly. I would read each story, then give my commentary about each one and often times it was quite funny. It proved to be a huge hit and the listeners love to chime in and give their commentaries on the stories, too!

  I'm slowly going to be adding shows to this section of the archives periodically, so you'll have to sift through some bad shows to get to the good ones. However, I hope that you enjoy them all!

   Turn On, Tune In & Find Out!

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  Below is the previous episode of ParaReality, which aired on July 17 2020.

​   Bruce Lee is known as one of the greatest actors in martial arts films in the world. Many fans love him for his energetic and entertaining personality. They also feel that his action films helped to revolutionize the way that Asians were portrayed on the big screen.
  In 1973, Bruce Lee was a 32 year old man who seemed to be in peak physical condition with no underlying health problems. This is why so many people were shocked to hear that he had suddenly passed away. To this day, there are many rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding his death.
  On June 20, 1973, while he was in Hong Kong he was at the home of fellow actress Betty Ting Pei. They were going over the script for the upcoming film Game of Death, which Pei had a role in. Bruce experienced a headache and asked Pei for a painkiller, so she gave him Equagesic, a combination of Aspirin and a tranquilizer. He took the medication and laid down to take a nap. Later on, when Pei tried to awaken him, she could not. She called Bruce Lee's producer, Raymond Chow, who was also unsuccessful in waking him. Chow called his personal physician, but he too, could not revive Bruce Lee. An ambulance was then called and Bruce was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
  The strangest things about Bruce Lee's death was not only that he looked completely normal with no visible signs of injury, but that he was an extremely fit and healthy man. The autopsy report suggested that his brain had swollen 13% while he slept. This happened due to an allergic reaction to the Equagesic. The autopsy report surmised that the tranquilizer in the medication, called meprobmate, was the culprit. The official cause of death was listed as "death by misadventure". In other words, he took a risk voluntarily and died in an accidental manner. The "misadventure" in this case was called cerebral edema.
   Whenever you have a beloved international movie star like Bruce Lee die under mysterious circumstances, there are bound to be a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding it. Bruce Lee's death is certainly no exception. July 20, 2020 is the 47th anniversary of Bruce Lee's death and I thought that it would be fitting to take a look at some of the top conspiracy theories behind it.  To learn more, you'll have to Turn On, Tune In & Find Out!