Is This Jeffrey Epstein?

  Jeffrey Epstein, the millionaire financier and convicted sex offender, was found dead by suicide in his jail cell on the morning of Saturday, August 10. Epstein was awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. The 66-year-old’s death came less than a day after a trove of disturbing court documents was made public offering details about his alleged abuse of dozens of mostly underage girls, as well who assisted him with or participated in the abuse — documents that implicate many rich and powerful men from the elite circles Epstein was once a member of.

    In the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, there have been all kinds of conspiracy theories surrounding him, but probably the most popular one is that the convicted sex offender was somehow killed by Bill Clinton. Adding to that theory is the painting of Bill Clinton that Epstein had hanging in his private island home (pictured below). It shows former President Bill Clinton, dressed in a blue dress, sitting in a chair in the Oval Office. This seems to elude to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. After all, she was wearing a blue dress when she performed oral sex on him in the Oval Office and even saved the semen-soaked garment as a souvenir of her oral talents.

  Why would anyone want to have a painting like this hanging in their home? One answer is that Epstein was showing Clinton that he held some sort of power over him. Maybe he was telling Clinton that he could, at any time, reveal to the world the secrets that he knew and bring down the Clinton empire. It's no stretch of the imagination to think the Epstein knew some dirt on Bill Clinton. After all, they flew around the word together on Epstein's private jet no less than 26 times. Both men were known womanizers and sexual deviants. You know there had to be some sort of partying going on inside that jet and it's a good chance that whatever it was, it probably involved women.

Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theories

Registered Sex Offender

  Adding to all the conspiracy theories is the below photograph of a spy satellite image of a man in an undisclosed location who looks a lot like Jeffrey Epstein. What makes this photo compelling is that it was taken last week, almost a month after Epstein supposedly committed suicide in his jail cell. Did Epstein somehow fake his own death and escape justice? It's something that's not out of the realm of possibility for a multi-millionaire. 

  Other things that don't add up are his injuries. He had a broken hyoid bone in his neck, which is consistent with someone hanging themselves, but is also an injury that is seen whenever someone has been strangled to death. This raises the question: was Jeffrey Epstein murdered in his jail cell? Did he know too much about too many powerful people and needed to be silenced?  That makes sense because all of the other mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. 

  He was conveniently taken off suicide watch. The two guards who were supposed to be watching him conveniently took a break at the same time AND both fell asleep. The video cameras that were supposed to be in and around his cell conveniently weren't working.  All of these things are just a little too "convenient" if you ask me. Something's not right here.

  Jeffrey Epstein could have committed suicide, he could have been murdered or he could have somehow made his escape. Either one of these theories makes sense because the circumstances surrounding it all are suspicious. And, on top of that, there are no witnesses. To anything. What the hell is going on, here?

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