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ParaReality is an Internet stream radio show that airs the first Monday of each month. It is an hour long show that talks to guests from all over the world as they explore paranormal/pagan/spiritual/inspirational topics and issues including subjects related to ghosts, spirits, hauntings, apparitions, electronic voice phenomena, near death experiences, miracles, the unexplained, Wicca, the esoteric, the occult, magick, dreams, UFO sightings, medicine, alternative healing, psychic abilities, and more.
Join long time paranormal researcher Sandman and his roster of special guests, experts and experiencers as they explore the realms of the know and unknown.  Listen to the show to learn about the great mysteries of the paranormal field in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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Save Empire Comics Campaign - A dear friend of my in my hometown of Enterprise, AL is the owner of a comic book store called Empire Comics. His store is the only place in the local community to sell comics, comic supplies, gaming supplies and just about everything else Geek related. He has been in business for 10 years and, like everyone else, has been hit hard by the economy. His store is in desperate need of major repairs and is in danger of closing if he can't raise enough money to take care of these things.
Local customer, Russell Sellers, has started a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise money for the store. In an effort to help, I have offered a prize package to the campaign. For a $75.00 donation, you can either be a guest on ParaReality Radio or co-host an upcoming episode. There is only one of these packages available, so get it while you can. There are also other packages that are not related to ParaReality that you can purchase.
To find out more about the campaign, buy the ParaReality package or make a different purchase, click on this link to be taken to the Go Fund Me website. You don't have to bid on my package - you can just make a donation if you'd like. Please help me help my friend and donate anything that you can. Let's save Empire Comics!

July's Episode - secret nazi antarctic base
Part 2 of the Nazi/Paranormal Connection


  While there are more than a few conspiracy theories that deal with the Nazis and advanced ancient and/or alien civilizations, the supposed Nazi/alien/Antarctica connection, as told by a number of paranormal/conspiracy writers, can be summed up like this: the Nazis claimed an area of Antarctica as German territory and sent an expedition there + the Nazis experimented with innovative technology like stealth aircraft and liquid-propellant rockets = the Nazis in Antarctica must have found alien technology or met actual aliens.

  Branching out from that hypothesis, there are stories about Hitler being whisked away (like a comic book super villain) to a secret Antarctic lair built under a mountain, British and U.S. forces battling Nazis and UFOs in the snow and, finally, the polar Nazi forces being wiped out by a nuclear bomb.

  It would make an excellent summer action movie, but are these stories based on anything? Like many conspiracy theories, there are some elements of truth to it all. But whether the facts can be woven together into one cohesive narrative without having to make great leaps of logic is another matter.

  Tonight, we'll take a look at this secret Nazi base, discuss the rumors and determine, once and for all, if there really is anything to it all.

  Turn On, Tune In & Find Out!


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