Randy Quaid is a Golden Globe-winner and an Oscar and Baftanominee who was discovered by Peter Bogdanovich. But perhaps the single most celebrated moments of his career involves him hurtling up the glowing urethra of an alien attack saucer poised over Area 51. But over the last few years this funny, talented actor has gone through one of the saddest, strangest declines Hollywood has ever seen. 

  Now 67 years old, with a bushy white mountain man’s beard, Quaid has spent most of his time since his last credited screen role in 2009 on the run from US law enforcement. The trouble began in September of that year, when Quaid and his wife were arrested in Texas: they’d left a hotel in California with an outstanding tab of around $10,000 on their room. 

  A year later, they were arrested again, this time for squatting in the guest house of a home they’d owned some years ago. Various court dates for both arrests were set and missed, and well into six figures of bail money was forfeited. The first case was eventually dismissed against Randy for lack of evidence, while Evi was sentenced to 240 hours of community service. Four days after warrants were issued for their arrest over the second, the Quaids popped up in Canada, just out of the clutches of US law enforcement.

  “I’ve had eight friends of mine who have either died mysteriously or had scandals surrounding them in recent years,” Quaid said in a television interview in 2010, before explaining that the Star Whackers m.o. involves manipulating the banking and criminal justice systems from within, in order to creating “a scandal or a mystery around a celebrity that discredits them.”

  According to the Quaids, Heath Ledger, David Carradine and Chris Penn were three such victims, and were convinced they, along with Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, were next on the list.

  In what was surely the beginnings of the Star Whackers conspiracy, Evi persuaded her husband a small group of well-connected individuals were dipping into his royalty payments and the equity in their $1.35 million home. That, as opposed to the couple’s wild spending at hotels and Beverly Hills fashion boutiques, was what had landed them in dire financial straits.

  Try looking up the term "Hollywood Star Whackers" on Google and you won't find very much. In fact, the only people who are talking about them are the Quaids. This, in my opinion, makes the existence of the group in doubt. Is there a really a secret cabal of high-powered Hollywood elite, meeting in a secret back room, smoking cigarettes and planning the demise of celebrities because they won't do their bidding? I highly doubt it, but it DOES make an interesting theory. On this episode of ParaReality Radio, my cohost Eric P. and I will take a closer look at the Hollywood Star Whackers.

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