The study of comparative mythology allows us to see similarities in narratives across cultures, to see common experiences, and to identify patterns important to the human experience. The myth of an epic disaster in ancient history, for example, is shared by many cultures. Many cultures tell of the existence of a great civilization wiped away by a cataclysm, typically a flood. We have accounts in several places of great floods that happened in ancient times. These cataclysms are described as “the ax of the gods,” who were displeased with humans, usually about either our immorality or rebellion. So, they send a flood. And a flood has a kind of purging and cleansing effect. The old is wiped away. The new is made possible.

  Perhaps the most well-known flood story is found in the Bible. In the time before the sons of God came down to Earth, there lived the shining ones, who were like angels or fallen angels. They came to Earth, found the women very attractive, and produced children with them. The children were giants, the Nephilim, and everything was alright for a while. The Nephilim were large and impressive, but they weren’t very good people. In fact, they were evil, and they taught humans evil ways, and this gradually upset God. So, God brought the great Deluge, and it was a great lesson, a great chastisement. But there was a good man named Noah. Noah was given a chance to live. God instructed him to build a great craft—an ark, as it was called—with very specific measurements and very specific instructions to put two of everything on it. The ark survived the deluge, and life regenerated.

   The other day I was looking through my collection of Zecharia Sitchin books and that got me to thinking about the Sumerian Flood Myth and how it predates the Biblical Deluge tale by around a thousand years. As I was thinking about this, I slowly began to realize that there are more than just those two tales of a great deluge – there are, in fact, several. The Biblical Deluge tale is no-doubt the best known of them, but did you know that all other tales of a great deluge predate the Bible? Not only that, but there are many other religious tales of some kind of great cataclysm that nearly destroys mankind! The Christian tale of the Great Deluge is just one of them.

   And that, my friends, is what I will be investigating tonight on ParaReality. First, I’ll take a look at some of the Great Deluge tales from various religions, then, in part 2, I’ll discuss some of the other great cataclysm tales.   

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the many tales of the great deluge

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