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  A new strain of virus that appears to have originated in China is spreading rapidly and crossing borders. There are thousands of confirmed cases and hundreds of reported deaths.

 The outbreak is caused by a coronavirus. Common human coronaviruses cause mild to moderate upper respiratory symptoms, including the common cold, while more severe types can cause pneumonia and death. The name for this kind of virus comes from the crownlike spikes it has on its surface — "corona" is Latin for "crown."

 This strain of the virus is called 2019-nCoV for now, which is short for "2019 novel coronavirus." It's only the third strain of coronavirus known to frequently cause severe symptoms in humans. The other two are MERS and SARS..​

  Coronaviruses originate in animals — like camels, civets and bats — and are usually not transmissible to humans. But occasionally a coronavirus mutates and can pass from animals to humans and then from human to human, as was the case with the SARS epidemic in the early 2000s. (SARS stands for "severe acute respiratory syndrome.") China's National Health Commission has confirmed that 15 health care workers have become infected, indicating that the virus can spread from human to human.

  The first known cases in December 2019 were traced to an animal market in the Chinese city of Wuhan and are believed to have come from contact with live animals that were infected. The market has since been closed. Wuhan is a major logistics and transportation hub. It lies about 500 miles west of Shanghai and is home to more than 11 million people.

  As of the recording of this podcast, there have so far been over 20,000 confirmed cases worldwide and 427 deaths. By the time this episode airs on Feb. 7th, 2020, the numbers will almost certainly be much more than the figures I just gave you. Each infected person is estimated to infect another 2.6 people. Just based on the figures that I just gave you, that means that figure of 20,000 has the potential to rise to 52,000 people that can be infected. 

  So, why am I devoting a podcast episode to this virus? Well, it’s because there could be something sinister at work here. This virus might not be something that “just naturally occurred.” This quite possibly could be a man-made virus that has either accidentally made its way into the civilian world or been deliberately released into the population as some sort of devious experiment or attempt to kill off a portion of the world’s population. What makes me think this? 

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