There’s really no way to handle a UFO or alien encounter. Most of us probably never have and never will experience it. And when it comes to bizarre encounters, there are not too many that can compare to it. Obviously, the Roswell crash is at the top. 

 Since 2017, UAPs as they're now called, have become major media stories and the topic has been covered on all the major news networks, and not just the "fringe media." Thanks to the US Government releasing those official videos and Lue Elizondo revealing the existence of the seceret government UAP program AATIP, UAPs are now being taken more seriously than ever before. Recently, NASA has selected 16 individuals to participate in its independent study team on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or as known natural phenomena are categorized as UAPs.  

  The independent study will begin on Monday, Oct. 24. Over the course of nine months, the independent study team will lay the groundwork for future study on the nature of UAPs for NASA and other organizations. To do this, the team will identify how data gathered by civilian government entities, commercial data, and data from other sources can potentially be analyzed to shed light on UAPs. It will then recommend a roadmap for potential UAP data analysis by the agency going forward. 

  The study will focus solely on unclassified data. A full report containing the team’s findings will be released to the public in mid-2023. 

  There are so many UAP stories going around these days that it’s hard to differentiate between what’s real and a hoax. Stories of being medically experimented on, being tied down on an alien craft, or being taken without knowledge make up just some of these stories. The ten people on this episode experienced those things and more. Their encounters didn’t turn out bad. Their encounters were frightening, for sure, but they seemed to end rather… weird. It was almost like having a nightmare—scary while you’re in it, but it’s fine when you wake up. Whether you believe it or not, these encounters are their truth. 

What are these strange encounters? Who experienced them? Have you even heard of any of them? I’ll be telling you a little about them and let you hear what they have to say in their own words. ​  

  To learn more, you'll have to Turn On, Tune In & Find Out!


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