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  On Christmas Day last year, a man by the name of Anthony Quinn Warner, better known as The Nashville Bomber, drove his RV right into the heart of downtown Nashville’s historic district and parked it at the intersection of 2nd and Commerce Streets. Once there, he proceeded with an incredibly elaborate plan to blow himself up in a most extreme and violent way.

  Since then, there’s been an extremely long and thorough federal investigation, and we’ve learned a lot about The Nashville Bomber – like his career, personal contacts and his incredibly strange conspiracy theory beliefs. But we still don’t know what, exactly, his motivation was for blowing up an entire historic city block. We also don’t know why he chose the location that he chose. If the feds know, they haven’t release anything yet, but they’re slated to give their final report sometime next month.

  Until then, I’m going to be reviewing what we do know about this guy and I’ll speculate as to what his motivations behind it all were. I’ve already devoted 3 entire episodes to this very topic, so if you haven’t heard them yet, I suggest that you head on over to and check out the archives section. There may be some spoilers here. 

  It turns out that the Bomber was dropping clues for months that something big was going to be happening. It's only now, after everything is over, that we recognize those clues. He was giving his personal possessions away - his home and all its belongings, along with his car, just to name a few. He also told several people that he was dying of cancer. He even told one friend that he was working on something so big that it would bring the police to their door!

  Unfortunately, no one picked up on all those clues except for one lone suspicious person. She informed the Nashville Police Department that Warner might be building bombs in his RV, however that wasn't enough for them to obtain a search warrant. They did, however, question Warner, who denied everything.

  Now the world is waiting for the FBI to release its final report on Anthony Quinn Warner. Will we ever know the reasons behind why he did what he did? Was he really dying of cancer? Did he target the AT&T hub on purpose? Did he do this because he believed that Reptilian Aliens were controlling us? 

  To learn more, you'll have to Turn On, Tune In & Find Out!

  Next Show: March 19, 2021, 8:00 PM Central

the Nashville bomber, part 4

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