the occult beliefs of heinrich himmler

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  One of the top Nazi officials was Heinrich Himmler, the man in charge of the dreaded SS, and Himmler was known to engage in the occult. He followed the paganism of pre-Christian Germany, something that was strongly associated with the German nationalism of the Nazi regime, and actively involved with black magic. He tried to practice necromancy, the magical art of raising people from the dead, and frequently held seances to try to contact the dead. The center of his occultic life was a place called Wewelsburg Castle, in the black forests of northern Germany. Here, he and many other Nazi officials engaged in their occultic practices.

  Himmler wanted SS recruits to think and live as their ancestors had. So, on July 1, 1935, Himmler founded a new SS research institute to reconstruct all aspects of primeval German culture. Officially, the organization was known as the “Deutsche Ahnenerbe” Studiengesellschaft für Geistesurgeschichte—meaning “German Ancestral Heritage” Society for the Study of the History of Primeval Ideas. But most soon began calling it the “Ahnenerbe.”

  They had the strange purpose of finding “evidence” that linked German ancestry to the Aryan master race, who were believed to have come from long-lost advanced civilizations. Ahnenerbe research included everything from archaeological expeditions, to witchcraft, to psychic research, and macabre human experiments.

  Himmler, who despised the Judaeo-Christian religion, hoped to obtain pagan incantations and rituals to be used as part of his planned pagan religion. Later he set up the SS Witches Division which investigated the persecution of pagan wise women at the hands of Jews and Catholics. A team of seventeen SS officers worked secretly for a unit called the ‘Special Assignment H’ unit (H for Haxen, or ‘witches’), carrying out a project that was ordered directly by Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, and overseen by SS officer Rudolf Levin.

   The SS Witches Division was set up to try to find evidence that witches had existed and had been hunted to death by the Jews in a twisted attempt to justify the Nazi hatred of Jewish people.

  These are just a couple of Henirich Himmler's many occult and paranormal interests. He was obsessed with re-writing German history and making it something more akin to his own liking. Was Himmler crazy, or worse - did he want to turn himself into a living god?

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