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how to tell if your home is haunted

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Registered Sex Offender

  It’s the middle of September, fall is creeping in and that means that it’s time for everyone’s favorite time of the year – Spooky Season. Yes, Halloween is a mere 6 weeks away and that means that all of us Halloween fans are putting up our Halloween decorations, planning our Halloween parties and picking out what horror movies we’ll be binging this year.

  It also means that it’s time for the annual Haunted House attractions to open their doors to the public. After being closed for a year and depriving all of us “Halloweenies” our share of being scared, it’s finally time for us to get our yearly dose of medication.

  With this in mind, I’ve decided that I’m starting my annual Halloween episodes early this year. That means that instead of waiting until October to begin, I’ll be opening the Scary Season tonight!

  Speaking of Haunted Houses, that’s the subject of tonight’s episode of ParaReality. No, I’m not talking about the haunted houses of the entertainment variety. I’m talking about real life, genuinely haunted houses. What if you think that you live in one, but you’re not sure? What if you’re thinking about buying one, but you’re hesitant? Well then, you’re listening to the right podcast because tonight I’ll be giving you pointers on how you can find out if the home you’re living in is haunted along with some tips about buying a haunted house.

​  Living in a haunted house can be a scary thing, especially for children. Children don’t always understand what is happening to them and that makes the unknown extra scary. Despite that fact, children usually have the least difficulty in accepting the paranormal as, well…normal. Maybe that’s because their minds are still young, fresh and open to having new experiences as they try to learn all they can about the world around them.

   It seems that it isn’t all that uncommon to have a haunted home these days, as the number of people who report some sort of haunting experiences is growing by leaps and bounds. That’s because technology has allowed us to share our life’s experiences literally as they happen. And, the world isn’t short on people who are trying to capture their 15 minutes of fame. Thanks to YouTube, Facebook and television shows like Paranormal Caught on Camera, everyone can now share their experiences with the entire world.

So, what if you think that the home you’re living in is haunted, but you’re not sure? Or what if you’re in the market for a new home and the one you want to buy is rumored to be haunted? What do you do? How do you find out if your home is haunted? Here are five ways that you can tell if your home is haunted along with three reasons why you should go ahead and purchase that supposedly haunted house. 

  To learn more, you'll have to Turn On, Tune In & Find Out!