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Top 10 COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

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  Tonight's journey into the realm of ParaReality takes us back to what, I hope, is the last journey that we'll be taking down the COVID-19 trail, or at least the end of THIS trail. It's looking like there'll be another round of this coming in the fall, but we can't be 100% sure of that...YET.

  I've devoted several episodes of this podcast to COVID-19; the first was before COVID-19 was COVID-19. Back then it was simply called 2019-nCoV. I've speculated on its origins, how it's spread, how bad it actually is, and how bad it's going to get. Some things I've been correct about and some wrong, but at the end of the day, I hope that I've kept you informed as to what this deadly virus actually is and how you can protect yourself from it.

  So, on what I hope is our final journey on the COVID-19 path, I'm going to take us down a trail of conspiracy. There's no lack of theories surrounding this deadly novel coronavirus. Some actually make sense while other are so outlandish that there's no way any normal, sane person could have made it up, yet alone believe in it. It's enough to make your head spin. Bu don't fear, dear listener, because I have sorted through a ton of disinformation, conjecture and downright lies and tonight I'll be counting down my top 10 list of COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

  I'll begin with #10 and work my way down Then, for good measure, I'll even briefly go over my list of conspiracy theories and just missed making my list.

  The criteria for making my list was simple - I scoured the internet gathered a list of all the COVID-19 conspiracy theories that I could find. Then I narrowed them down to the 10 that I thought were the most popular. From those 10, I began with the ones that seem the most unrealistic and worked my way up to those that could possibly be true, if the circumstances were right.

  So, dear listener, come with me on this journey as I discuss the top 10 most popular COVID-19 conspiracy theories around. 

  To learn more, you'll have to Turn On, Tune In & Find Out!