if you’ve noticed, the theme for this season is Conspiracy Theories. And you know that I’ve gone on record to say that even though I’m a Conspiracy Theorist, I try to be an ethical one. I’ve said many times that we Conspiracy Theorists need to be held accountable for our actions if we incite violence or it causes harm to others. So tonight, I’m going to be discussing the ethics of conspiracy theories and the psychology behind them.

  Conspiracy Theories have rapidly advanced from being nothing more than wild accusations about shadowy figures, mainly the federal government, trying to control the entire world, to being broadcast on mainstream news stations on the TV. Conspiracy theorists are no longer seen as people, on the fringes of society, living in their parent’s basement. Today, Conspiracy Theorists are seen as brilliant internet sleuths, and dare I say, leaders of the free world!

  In an important sense every conspiracy theory comes at some moral cost. To offer a conspiracy theory is to make an accusation.

  Over the past ten years, we have had many conspiracy theories thrown at us from every angle. But most specifically we have what I call The Fearsome Four: Sandy Hook, Pizzagate, Q-Anon, and The Big Lie. Each one of these conspiracy theories have been responsible for causing irreparable harm to those involved – both the conspiracy theorists themselves and those who they were theorizing about in most cases. The theories have damaged people’s reputations, caused emotional distress and in some cases, physical harm and even death.

  I have gone on record many times in the past and said that it is perfectly OK to believe in whatever Conspiracy Theory that you want. In fact, I think that science has shown that it’s in our very human nature to believe in conspiracies – it’s hardwired into us.

  However, as Conspiracy Theorists, we must maintain an open mind to accepting the evidence that our theory is, in fact, incorrect. Being a Conspiracy Theorist doesn’t mean that we have to have closed minds and be unwilling to listen to those who have opinions that differ from ours. Yet somehow, we Conspiracy Theorists have become exactly that. That’s not being a good Conspiracy Theorist. That’s not being a responsible Conspiracy Theorist. It’s part of what’s making us look bad.

  Another thing that we must be cognizant of is that we must be held responsible for what we promote. We must be held accountable for our words and our actions. If we say or do something that encourages someone to commit an act of violence or do something else that is illegal, then we might have to pay the price for that. Literally. Just look at what happened to Alex Jones!

  What I’m basically saying is this: Go ahead and be a Conspiracy Theorist. Promote your theory however you want, as much as you want. Just be responsible. Don’t encourage people to commit acts of violence or crime. Don’t act out in anger at someone who has a differing opinion, and most of all, don’t be closed- minded. Be willing and able to listen to the opinions of others. Be willing to engage in healthy, peaceful debates, and when those debates turn hateful, have the courage to walk away. 

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