If In the early 2000s, reports began to emerge from Switzerland of a strange man with a gas mask over his face, an ominous-looking military-style boiler suit around him, and a menacing hooded cape-style jacket. He appeared and disappeared, apparently at random, in the nearby woods and forests of the charming countryside.

   What is perhaps interesting about this mysterious figure - called Le Loyon by those who encountered him - is that despite almost a decade of sightings and reports, there was no real evidence of his existence. However, that came to an end during the summer of 2013. That summer, someone managed to get an image of a strangely dressed person walking back into the greenery of western Switzerland.

  Translated from French, Le Loyon means The Loyon. In other words, Loyon has no meaning – at least none that I can find. Just exactly how and why he got this name is unknown.

 Up to that point, stories and sightings of Le Loyon, also known as The Ghost or Hermit of Maules, had a distinctly supernatural aura. Indeed, until then, the tales had a mysterious and ghostly quality to them. The mysterious, shadowy figure was described as a "giant" in some reports (most indicate he was just over 6 feet tall), while others experienced an unexplained sense of threat.

 The regular and persistent appearances of Le Loyon continued to baffle and confound the public, with his reasons for his strange appearance and walks in the woods remaining a mystery. Nevertheless, the strange and elusive figure's sightings and reports persisted into the 2010s. Despite the absence of any documented violent acts or threats, the majority of those who encountered the peculiar masked individual would remember feeling scared afterwards.

  Back in 2013, a photo surfaced on a Swiss media platform purporting to be the initial proof of Le Loyon's presence. An unidentified photographer captured a clear image of the mysterious figure walking away from the camera. The photographer managed to capture the first and only photograph of the mysterious figure in the cloak.

  Several months after the picture of Le Loyon was featured in Swiss newspapers and online media across Europe and beyond, a website called Le Matin, translated as “The Morning,” published what they alleged to be a "suicide note" written by Le Loyon in late 2013.

   The note can only be found in French. Click on the link below to see it for yourself:

                                                                          Le Loyon Suicide Note

  With the note, Le Loyon suddenly disappeared. There haven't been any additional sightings of the figure in the Maules Forest since the note was found. The general consensus is that Le Loyon was a peculiar person who, out of fear of being associated with the very Urban Legend that he helped to create, stopped his regular strolls through the forest in his costume. Nevertheless, there are still unanswered questions that remain. The wording of the note suggested that Le Loyon had committed suicide in the woods, but to this day, no body has been found. This has led some to speculate that Le Loyon may have been shedding his physical body and moving on.

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