Do you believe that human beings have a soul or some sort of consciousness that survives after our physical body dies? I do. And I also believe that while our consciousness dwells within our physical bodies, it can be attacked by invisible entities that either want to do it harm, harm our physical bodies or both.

   Do you sometimes wonder why people have inexplicable outbursts of rage, uncontrolled fear, or eruptions of other negative emotions, which sometimes lead to horrifying situations and crime? Are the childhood traumas and the existence of various negative psychological aspects within a personality the only explanation for such phenomena?

   In my opinion, they are not. There are many indications of various conscious entities that are attached to us, directly or indirectly affecting our behavior and state of consciousness.

   There is a vast range of beings and energies that can be “nested” in our aura or within our being, such as souls or energy remnants of deceased people, parts of personalities of living persons, or even the “classical” Beings of Darkness, i.e. demons. What is most interesting, is that some people believe that the attached beings are not originating from this planet at all – they are extraterrestrial beings.

   An increasingly important question in science is human consciousness, which remains a complete mystery. Some research says that consciousness survives the death of the physical body and “goes somewhere.” If this is true, is it possible that our consciousness after physical death transitions to one of the parallel universes that the string theory is talking about? Or, maybe, dark matter and dark energy answer the question of the spiritual world’s existence, which may be made up of subtle and invisible particles and fields of these unknown types of matter and energy? In any case, even the most stubborn skeptics cannot refuse these possibilities.

  Personally, even though I am by nature a skeptic, I have come to the definitive conclusion that consciousness survives the death of the physical body. I also believe that consciousness is immortal and that the “world beyond” does exist.

  There are way too many entities to talk about in an only one hour log podcast, so tonight I’ll tackle 5 invisible entities that can cause us harm.

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5 invisible entities that cause us harm



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