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the history of witches & halloween

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  As with many festivals and traditions, Halloween can trace its roots back to the Druids – the Celtic peoples who lived in Ireland more than a millennia ago. The tradition of Halloween originates from All Saint’s Day, but it is most famously associated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.

  The Celts believed that Halloween, known then as Samhain, was the night that the veil between the spirit realm and the living was at its thinnest allowing spirits and other supernatural forces to come cause mischief or harm. To the ancient Celts, people were transformed into cats as a punishment for their bad deeds. Those unfortunate enough to be cursed by black magic were also turned into cats, especially black cats.

  After Roman take over, the Catholics began converting the Celts. The two belief systems merged. The church turned witches, those that ancient peoples looked to for wisdom and medicine and made them into devil worshiping hags. It was believed that witches could turn into cats (thus the black cat connection) and other animals such as bats and spiders – familiars.

  As time has progressed, beliefs surrounding witchcraft and the supernatural have shifted and changed. In western culture, there is a divide between what is seen as the medieval and the modern.

Modern western society is rational and scientific and does not believe in magic. Whereas there is this period where we consider premodern and in too many ways we still see them as primitive because they believed in magic.

Realistically, though, there is not as large of a divide as we may believe. There are people who say explicitly they believe in magic and there are others who believe in ghosts and other supernatural entities.

Magical beliefs in the middle ages were potions and summoning demons, but it was also beliefs in ghosts and demons. In modern times beliefs are more focused on ghosts and supernatural.

One of the things that has happened as we move towards ‘the modern’ and the more scientific is portions of magic get pushed away if they can be easily disproved or explained away by science.

  On tonight’s journey into the realm of ParaReality, I’m going to take you, my loyal listeners, on a journey to centuries ago, back when the main religion was of a more...natural thing. We refer to it now as Paganism because that religion didn't have a belief in only one god. It also was a more earth-based religion, celebrating the seasons and what they meant to the people, instead of celebrating "holidays" and concentrating on gift-giving. This religion is known today as Wicca, and its growing in popularity. 

  So tonight, we'll take a time-travelling journey back to the beginning of Wicca and learn about its association with Halloween. We'll also take a look at the Witch and how she/he has been linked with this holiday, and how they have celebrated it throughout the centuries. We may also even learn a spell or two!

  To learn more, you'll have to Turn On, Tune In & Find Out!